Tasha Jones

Poetically Remixing Classic Literature
Indianapolis, IN and Atlanta, GA

Big Idea:
When the DJ mixes existing music he and/or she uses specific techniques to create a new sound. How does one recognize the old while creating the new? Because life redirected my path, the classroom became a mixing board. And like a DJ, learning the modality of today’s student totally transformed the classroom(s) with reading resistant students and students who were total unattached to classic literature into students that read classic novels and aspired not only graduation but secondary education.

Tasha Jones is a poet, educator and founder of the Hello Beautiful Movement. A perfect blending of style and substance, her work strives to achieve an equilibrium between being a student of life and a teacher of lessons. Her talk: a high school with high drop out rates and classroom with low reading scores have students aspiring graduation and reading novels. The MIX is a hip hop term where the DJ mixes two genres of music to create a new sound altogether. What if we speak to students’ musical and / artistic language then mix the required learning. Example: Introduce Tupac before mixing in Shakespeare, Jay Z before Walt Whitman.