Santosh Mathan

AI – Hands-Free Flight Carnegie Melon / Honeywell (Seattle, WA)

Big Idea:
Scaling-up Human Cognitive Performance – This talk will demonstrate (with concrete examples) how the combination electrophysiological sensing , real-time signal processing, and machine learning is opening up avenues for adaptive systems that sense and compensate for human vulnerabilities in everyday settings, novel modalities for interaction with computer systems, and the ability to enhance cognitive capacity to process information more efficiently– allowing all of us to handle complex tasks more effectively than ever possible.

About Santosh:
Santosh Mathan is an Engineering Fellow at Honeywell Aerospace Principal Scientist in the Human Centered Systems group at Honeywell Laboratories. His research lies at the intersection of human computer interaction, machine learning, and biological signal processing. Santosh is the principal investigator and program manager on several efforts to use neurotechnology in practical settings. These efforts, carried out in collaboration with academic and industry researchers around the world, have led to the development of machine learning and signal processing algorithms that can estimate changes in cognitive function following brain trauma, identify fluctuations in attention, boost the activity of cortical networks underlying fluid intelligence, and serve as the basis for hands-free robotic control. Papers describing these projects have won multiple best paper awards at research conferences, and have been covered by the press in publications including the Wall Street Journal and Wired. He has been awarded over 10 US patents, with several more pending.

Santosh has a doctoral degree in Human Computer Interaction from the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, where his research explored the use of computational cognitive models for diagnosing and remedying student difficulties during skill acquisition.