Paul Mahern

Owner, White Arc Studios (Bloomington)

The neutral mind in a world of opinion
The barrage of information we receive daily overwhelms us. We are constantly tempted to form opinions on things that are completely foreign to our immediate reality rather than staying true to our own unique inner voice. How can we cope with this information overload? How can we keep ourselves from becoming distracted by situations beyond our control? As Paul Mahern­­ – punk musician, sound engineer and yogi­­ – knows, the key is understanding and operating from a neutral mind. In his talk, Paul will describe how listening with a neutral mind can help us build a quiet craft to sail smoothly above the sea of noise that keeps begging for our interaction.

About Paul:
Paul began his successful career in music production as the 17-year-old singer for The Zero Boys, a hardcore punk band. Through that experience he learned about the production aspect of record making and began recording bands in the Indianapolis area. Paul moved to his current home, Bloomington, Indiana, and began working with major label acts like The Blake Babies, The Judybats, and Mysteries of Life. He later worked as the recording engineer for John Mellencamp, another Indiana native, and completed work at Indiana University for the Sound Directors project at the Archives of Traditional Music. It was there that Paul was lead engineer on an IU and Harvard University co-authored paper on best practices for audio preservation. Today, Paul works out of his own White Arc Studios in Bloomington.