Naomi Tsu

Southern Poverty Law Center Immigrant Education Rights (Montgomery, AL)

Big Idea:
Did I get here legally? Our country is debating whether immigrants are givers or takers, makers or breakers. From our own lives, we can get to know immigrants directly and find out for ourselves what, and how, they are doing. This includes people in our own families: each of us has a family story about how our people got to the United States. Embracing people who are different can be hard work, but diversity makes the United States stronger. When we take the time to listen and learn about personal immigrant experiences, our understanding becomes deeper, our compassion grows, and we connect with one another on a more human level.

About Naomi:
As Deputy Legal Director at the Southern Poverty Law Center, Naomi Tsu oversees the SPLC’s legal and advocacy work on behalf of immigrants in the Deep South. She represents clients who have experienced wage theft, discrimination, human trafficking and other abuses. She was counsel for immigrant workers in David v. Signal, one of the largest labor trafficking cases brought in the United States, which resulted in a $14 million jury verdict and for which her team was awarded Public Justice’s 2015 Trial Lawyer of the Year award. Naomi also litigates challenges to state anti-immigrant laws and policies, and she advocates at the federal and regional levels on behalf of immigrants’ civil and workplace rights. Prior to joining the SPLC, she graduated from Boalt Hall and clerked for Judge Betty Binns Fletcher of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.