Michael Flaherty

Spinnovation: Investigating Our Domestic Revolutions
Indianapolis, IN

Big Idea:
A history of rotational motion as the driving force of domestic evolution in the form of everyday inventions: washing machines, garbage disposals, blenders, can openers, etc… .

Each of these devices has made life at home more and more and more comfortable, freeing up time and energy for us to be doing other things, changing our culture and the idea of community itself, simply by transforming energy into rotational motion. What is it about spinning? Why do we keep re-inventing the wheel?

Mike Flaherty is a designer, historian, and poet obsessed with the power of simple images & symbols to stand out and communicate simultaneously on a universal and personal level. Formerly a design instructor at IUPUI, and an early graduate researcher with Purdue University’s Envision Center, Mike has been seeking ways to use visual communication to bypass the differences we all wear on our sleeve and connect with the deeper things we have in common.