Maurice Young

Homeless advocate (Indianapolis)

Homeless by design
On April 12, 2011, Maurice Young checked himself into a local homeless shelter looking for a break from his life. What he didn’t expect to find was his life’s work. Maurice was never homeless, but since that day he has lived on the streets…by choice. Sometimes to help someone, you have to become one of them. From being kicked out of public places, sleeping on sidewalks, eating at soup kitchens, bathing in restrooms to actually getting arrested, Young has fully submerged himself into the homeless way of life. To what end has this sacrifice been made?

About Maurice:
As a homeless Indianapolis native, Maurice has dedicated himself to promoting awareness of homelessness and the need for change regarding the mistreatment of those who call the streets home. He began his fight for the fair and equal treatment of the homeless in 2011. Maurice believes transforming public perception of homelessness will directly impact government legislation and local policies to improve the conditions of local communities.