Mansfield Frazier

(Cleveland) Vintner & Weekly Radio Journalist on The Daily Beast

Big Idea:
How to transform vacant properties to fertile community assets
What do building BioCellars, rebuilding lives, prisoner re-entry, and crime reduction all have in common? These inner-city neighborhood places and people are being positively impacted by utilizing educational, organizational, and land reuse strategies that make them safer, greener, healthier and wealthier places to live, work, and raise families. Find out how.

Mansfield Frazier is a native Clevelander, print and radio journalist, political reformer, and author. His book, From Behind the Wall, written while in prison for counterfeiting and fraud, details his thoughts on the promise and prejudice of America and the criminal justice system.

Frazier is a sought-after adviser on prisoner re-entry and confidence schemes for professors, civic leaders, and journalists. His own work as a journalist appears weekly on The Daily Beast,, and radio station WTAM.  As a vintner and a reformer, he established The Vineyards of Château Hough, in inner-city Cleveland, to provide work for residents of a nearby halfway house, as well as locally-sourced grapes for an eventual inner-city winery.