Lori Desautels

Lori Desautels, Ph.D., is a university supervisor for the Indianapolis Teaching Fellows and Teach for America programs as well as  an instructor at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at Marian University. Before coming to Marian University she taught emotionally disabled students in the upper elementary grades and worked as a school counselor in Wayne Township, a private practitioner in and co-owned of the Indianapolis Counseling Center, and a behavioral consultant for Methodist Hospital on the adolescent psychiatric unit.

Desautels’ passion is engaging her students through neuroscience in education, integrating Mind Brain Teaching and Learning Strategies into her courses at Marian. She has conducted workshops throughout the Midwest on Mind Brain Teaching and Learning creating two webinars and a series of articles for the online publication Inside The School.

Desautels graduated from Butler University with a BS in Special Education, and Indiana University with an MS in counseling. She earned her Ph.D. from The American Institute of Holistic Theology with an emphasis in early adolescence/ thought formation. Her website is Revelations in Education. She is the author ofHow May I Serve You? Revelations in Education.

She is the proud mother of three wonderful adolescents, Andrew, Sarah and Regan who are her greatest teachers and wife to Michael Desautels, whom she says, supports and affirms her work every day!

Big Idea: “A Call to See and to Serve:  Revelations in Education”

Education and learning are as natural to us as breathing!  Learning occurs in the soul of every human being. “Thriving” is our natural state of life. We are meant to work and our purpose is to thrive.  If the purpose of education is to live outside the walls of school, then how can we teach in ways that go beyond language arts and math content, purposefully seeing the unique innate intelligence and the emotional quotients of every student? Flourishing inside our schools, as teachers and students, begins with “a call to see and to serve.”