LaShawnda Crowe Storm

Building Community One Stitch at a Time
Indianapolis, IN

Big Idea:
How does a work of art grow beyond the mind of the artist, and only truly gains life once released to the hands of the community? The Lynch Quilts Project is a community-based effort that explores the history and ramifications of racial violence in the United States through the textile tradition of quilting. At the root of this effort is a desire to create the space where these difficult communal conversations can occur. While the end products are what people remember, the true work of art is how people from diverse backgrounds and abilities comes together to make art and give voice and life to a part of history that many would soon rather forget.

LaShawnda Crowe Storm is an artist, activist, community builder and occasionally an urban farmer. Whether she is making artwork or sowing seeds, Crowe Storm uses her creative power as a vehicle for dialogue, social change and healing.  Her series, The Lynch Quilts Project, has won wide spread acclaim and was featured in the May 2013 issue of ESSENCE magazine. At the core of Crowe Storm’s creative practice is a desire to create community-based processes where the process of making art becomes the opportunity create the necessary space and place for necessary conversations around a variety of topics ranging from historical violence to gender empowerment.