Justin Wade

Event MC and Speaker
Young Actor’s Theater – Youth Empowerment Through Art (Indianapolis)

Big Idea:
How theatre can respond to the world of exponential technology

The disrupter you didn’t think of.

Can theatre education actually be used as a disrupter in the world of STEM helping students to have a vision for themselves and the world around them?
If kids are pushed to create effective original content in theatre can it unlock the innovative mind inside of all of them that can solve exponentially growing world problems?
Can a theatre of education be a motivator for students to change their lives and see the world as an exciting amazing place?

After spending the last 20 years on innovative education Justin Wade believes so.

About Justin:
Justin Wade has served as the Executive Artistic Director of Young Actors Theatre in downtown Indianapolis since 2005. Justin has produced over 400 youth productions featuring K-12th graders. Justin designed and created all of YAT’s present programming. Justin considers himself an educator first and foremost and has spent over 10,000 hours in the classroom teaching and learning theatre education.