Jim Poyser

Confessions of a Climate Change Humorist
Indianapolis, IN

Big Idea:
Mixing the horror of our climate crisis with a humorous approach is a specialty of mine, whether through my web site, The Apocadocs Project (apocadocs.com) or through my climate reality slideshow told through bumper stickers. There is no subject more essential than climate change, yet mainstream media all but ignores it. The need for a light touch is paramount, as humor is an essential tool in educating. Something this big has to be properly leavened with a bit of laughter. I believe my poyspective is different, and I hope it’s an idea worth spreading: We are a planet in peril, it needs our immediate attention — and the solutions to our problems can be fun and funny.

Jim Poyser recently left his longtime Managing Editor position at NUVO and Editor position at Indiana Living Green, to pursue eco-activism on a full time basis. In September, he was named Executive Director of Earth Charter Indiana, a non-profit organization dedicated to the principles of Earth Charter and its holistic approach to reckoning with climate change, economic inequality, and peace and justice challenges. He travels the area on bicycle delivering the Climate Reality slideshow to audiences of all ages. His position at Earth Charter focuses on an initiative to empower the youth of Indiana to advocate for a cleaner, safer environment.