Jeffrey Kline

Your Face Tells If You Are Sick!
Carmel, IN

Big Idea:
In emergency care, doctors and nurses must make instant decisions about each patient’s likelihood of having a dangerous illness or injury. Facial expressions provide an observer with a constantly updated, direct and accurate connection to the patient’s health status.  The speaker’s experience and research in emergent diagnosis has taught that clinicians implicitly use patient facial expressions to drive their decisions. The time has come to transform facial expressions from a hidden message into an explicit science in diagnosis. This transformation will be aided by electronic medical records, ease of videotaping, and facial recognition software.  This presentation will outline a vision for standard medical care that includes a longitudinal record of facial expression analysis to monitor patient wellness.

Jeffrey Kline is an emergency physician who has spent 20 years researching how doctors can better diagnose potentially lethal conditions and order tests more efficiently. This experience has shown that clinicians and patients instantly, yet often subconsciously, interpret each other’s faces to detect threats to life. In medicine, facial expression analysis is poised to transition from fuzzy inference into a clear science.