Jay Hermacinski

MISO – The Power Grid (Indianapolis)

Big Idea:
Technology, innovation and scale have revolutionized our lives. The phones we carry connect us to the world. The televisions we watch entertain us with what we want, when we want. The food we eat, clothes we wear, products we buy can all be purchased from our couches and delivered to our doorsteps. The world has changed. Is changing. What’s next? It’s already here. And it’s electrifying.

The electric energy industry is undergoing a game-changing transformation. It includes a clean energy future and a smarter digital grid. The entire business model is being turned upside down. No longer are energy companies focused solely on delivering power to the people. A new model is emerging. One where electric companies also receive power from the people.

We don’t normally think about electricity – the thing that powers our lives. But we should, because the industry is changing. Let me show you how innovation, emerging technology and scale have triggered an electrical revolution.
Are you ready for a change that will impact us all? You need to be … because it is already here.

About Jay:
Jay Hermacinski leads Corporate Communications for MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator), an essential link in the safe, cost-effective delivery of electric power across much of North America. Prior to joining MISO, Jay spent 20 years as a television news anchor and reporter. He is an Emmy Award-winning communications professional that continually demonstrates the ability to seamlessly coordinate all project facets including writing, editing, and planning of communications. Jay is also a talented coach known for equipping associates with the skills needed to exceed expectations on a consistent basis. He is recognized for a strong work ethic, integrity, and a high degree of personal initiative.