Holly Combs

(Indianapolis) Co-Dreamer of Dept. of Public Words & Illiterate Rabble Rouser

Big Idea:
Don’t label me: how stickers saved my life
“What’s your label?” That’s my question for you. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Mine include retarded, dyslexic, skinny, square, follower, rebel, disowned, abandoned. What name has been placed on you? What graffiti has taken over your space? It’s time to rip off those labels like rotten scabs and bleed your true self. I may not change everyone’s life during this talk, but my scope is bigger than that. If I can change one person’s perspective – just one – I can change the world. Let me show you how.

Holly Combs is a mother of two children and an award-winning teacher and published author. With her husband Dave, she is executive director of the Department of Public Words in Indianapolis. Within the juvenile justice system, she is an activist for change. She graduated from Herron School of Art with a BFA in Visual Communications. She loves people and lives to facilitate greatness in others.

An observer said of her: She doesn’t sculpt, but she shapes lives. / She doesn’t paint portraits, but she makes people see themselves. / She doesn’t write poetry, but she makes songs out of sad stories. / She is not your typical artist. / She is not your typical anything.