Florian Riviére


Big Idea:
The world is a theatre of infinite possibilities. And to be connected to this potential we should hack the reality and begin to think out of the box and the cage which reduces our visions and expressions. We should reclaim our senses and our imagination to create a world beyond definitions and predefined paths conditioned by our education. Being able to enlarge and shape our world, our surrounding means to repossess our autonomy and freedom to create our own life. The world is not a one way direction, open it to make your own, to be an actor of your life.

Florian Riviére is an “urban hacker.” Inspired by hacker & DIY culture he reinvests and diverts public space to allow citizens to reclaim their urban environment. His interventions located between militant expression, design of public space, upcycling are spontaneous and raw, using objects found in the street to show the functionality of sites and the impact of direct user action on urban space.