Ernest Earon

(Raleigh, NC)

Big Idea:
Solving world problems from a bird’s eye view
Doing more with less used to be a catchphrase, but now it’s a requirement. The world’s resources are continually stretched. There is immense pressure placed on development, food, health and infrastructure due to climate, increasing costs and overpopulation, and new tools are necessary to keep up. We must look at the world in a new way. We now have a view of the world that would have been science fiction five years ago. Aerial technology allows us to glean information easier, faster and cheaper than ever before. The ability to operate from completely new vantage points has huge potential to change the world for the better. The world needs new information to solve problems. This talk is about where that information will come from and why that’s a great thing.

As president and co-founder of PrecisionHawk, Ernest Earon has been working in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and intelligent, autonomous vehicle control for over 10 years. For a Canadian Space Agency project, he led the design, development and implementation of the sensor package and vehicle control for a team of intelligent lunar robots. As Systems Group Manager at Quanser Consulting in Markham, Canada, he led several unmanned vehicle development programs which included the development of a novel aircraft design, now a commercial product. His work with the development of coordinated heterogeneous teams of unmanned aircraft and ground vehicles led to an autonomous UAV demonstration for Defence R & D Canada.