Doug McColgin

Networking is not working
Carmel, IN

Big Idea:
We feel pressured to network with those in the same background, company, or sector, but great discovery exists in connections with those outside of our work-world.  We can leverage our local community to drive breakthrough innovations, but we have to find those who think differently than ourselves.

Doug is actively working to build Indianapolis into an innovation center through his role as Board President at the non-profit Centric and his work at the Carmel-based consultancy, Insight2.  Doug is also one of the founders of Indy’s Day of Innovation Conference and Indiana Innovation Awards. Is it possible for a mid-market, Midwestern city to inspire, create, and support real innovation from its residents? YES, by creating a liquid environment where ideas are shared among the four pillars of an innovation economy: business, non-profit, academia, and government.