David Schalliol

David Schalliol is a PhD student at the University of Chicago whose interests span urban sociology, social stratification and visual sociology. His writing and photographs have appeared in such publications as The American SociologistDesign Observer and Revue Gest, as well as in numerous exhibitions, including the inaugural Belfast Photo Festival and the Museum of Contemporary Photography’s Midwest Photographers Project. Schalliol contributed to Highrise: Out My Window, an interactive documentary that won the 2011 International Digital Emmy for Non-Fiction.

Big Idea: ”The Isolated Building” 

Our capacity to solve problems is intertwined with the way we understand the world around us, but we are often unaware of how our education, routines and presentation format orient our interpretations.  Visual media can help us develop creative solutions by allowing us to see the world afresh — but first we need to know how to read a photograph. A typology of urban buildings will start the conversation.