Chunlei Guo

Professor of Optics and Physics, University of Rochester (Rochester, NY)

Metal 2.0
Commonplace metals such as platinum and brass have been used around the world for thousands of years. They are low-­tech and do the same things for us as they have for a very long time. Are we done innovating? Chunlei Guo, Professor of Optics & Physics at the University of Rochester, envisions a world in which we can change the common materials around us to improve lives in developing countries, preserve precious water, transport water against gravity, and enable cutting­-edge applications.

About Chunlei:
Chunlei Guo is a professor in Optics and Physics at the University of Rochester in New York and a renowned scientist in the fields of laser and materials processing. His research has led to discoveries such as the so-called Black and Colored Metals and material functionalization with laser technology. His scientific discoveries were covered by The New York Times several times and gained broad attention for their applications.

He is an elected Fellow for both the American Physical Society and Optical Society of America.