Christian Long

Wonder, By Design
Columbus, OH

Big Idea:
We live in the most extraordinary of times, a time rich with stunning innovation, discovery, and remarkable human potential. To that end, this is a time that should inspire a culture of extraordinary learning, where students of all ages are invited to tackle the world’s most compelling questions and problems alike. Yet, the overwhelming education conversation today is one of limited aspiration, test scores, political argument, economic discord, and the sense that we are ignoring a learner’s internal imagination while focusing more and more on emerging tools. And so, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if we redesigned learning as an act of compelling wondering? Or, to rephrase it a bit, we focused on wonder, by design?

Christian is an educator, school planner, technology expert, advocate for innovative learning communities, and educational futurist with Cannon Design. He was the founder of Be Playful, a collaborative global design agency focused on the intersection between school planning/design, emerging technology, and future trending.  He will talk about how to design the learning of the future.