Chris Baggott

Founder, Tyner Pond Farm & Husk Foods (Indianapolis)

The simplest way to feed the world
Our current global food system consists is a web of pharmaceuticals, confinement and resource-­intense concentration of crop, animal and food production. And there’s now a higher mortality rate related to obesity than to hunger. What if farms, food processors and restaurants worked together in a seamless system, local and small? Tech entrepreneur­-turned-­farmer Chris Baggott explains how, ten years from now, the burgers at every neighborhood diner can be sustainably grown, processed, sold and eaten—and how a beautifully simple system could go global.

About Chris:
Chris is an email marketing leader and content marketing innovator. He co-founded two companies that both sold to publicly traded companies in 2013: ExactTarget and Compendium Software. He writes a highly praised blog, which was called the “Best of the Web” by Forbes and quoted by several publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and ADWEEK. Chris also authored the Wiley book: Email Marketing By the Numbers.

A native of Pittsburgh, Chris now resides near Indianapolis with his wife and four children.