Chad Priest

Designing the Healthcare Provider of the Future
Indianapolis, IN

Big Idea:
I’m a healthcare provider. I’ve been doing this a long time in multiple professions: as a military nurse, a healthcare lawyer, a university faculty member and most recently as the CEO of a non-profit crisis management organization.  Through these experiences I have come to believe that in order to create health you have to mix it up. Mix up the professions and the interactions. I’ve had the privilege of being present at key moments in organizations when mixing it up with transdisciplinary thinking resulted in significant breakthroughs.

Chad is a dad, a husband, a nurse, an attorney, an Air Force veteran and the CEO of the MESH Coalition, an emergency management organization. But if you ask him, he’ll just tell you he’s a healthcare provider on a mission to change the way we think about healthcare and who provides it.  To create health, we must mix it up: crossing professions and cross-pollinating solutions that lead to breakthrough thinking.