Allan Boesak

(Indianapolis) Author & Theologian, First Holder of the Desmond Tutu Chair

Big Idea:
Learning from Mandela
Mandela was a close friend and a colleague in our struggle against apartheid and injustice in South Africa. After his 27 years in prison, his devotion to reconciliation and peaceful conflict resolution remained unwavering. Mandela bridged many fractures in society and inspired millions.  More than ever today in our conflict-ridden world such political and civil leadership is sorely needed. We all need to learn from Mandela as we interact with each other and with other cultures and societies. Get outside IN is then not just “into Indiana” but into a world community of respect, acceptance and reconciled diversity.

Allan Boesak is passionately involved in global struggles for human rights and justice. The 1976 Soweto Uprisings marked his entry into public life in South Africa. Under his leadership as President of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, the “Apartheid is a Heresy” declaration was adopted. In 1983, he called for the formation of the United Democratic Front, which became the largest organized, non-racial anti-apartheid movement in the history of South Africa.

Dr. Boesak is an author, co-author, and editor many times over. He holds the Desmond Tutu Chair for Peace, Global Justice and Reconciliation Studies at Christian Theological Seminary and Butler University, and is founding director there of the Desmond Tutu Center for Reconciliation and Global Justice.