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Live Stream Information & Agenda

Live Stream Link: https://livestream.com/tedx/tedxindianapoliswomen   The Live Stream Agenda for the day is as follows: 9:30 – 11:30 am | Session 1 “The Power of X” Introductions Speaker: Molly Ford Speaker: Tapati Dutta Performance: Mariah Ivey Pre-recorded Video: James Vietech Speaker: Melissa Spitz 11:30 am – 12:45 pm | Lunch Suggested activities for Live Stream… Continue reading.

Tickets SOLD OUT for Inaugural Event

With two and a half weeks remaining until the inaugural TEDxIndianapolisWomen event, tickets are SOLD OUT. This year over 300 attendees will be SHOWING UP to see women presenters speak on topics celebrating empowerment, diversity and embracing the knowledge and power women share every day with the community, their profession and their family. Talks will be… Continue reading.

Tickets On Sale Now! Get them while they last.

Tickets are now available for TEDxIndianapolisWomen taking place on November 29, from 9am-4pm at The Center | The Heritage Group. Click here to purchase your tickets today! TEDxIndianapolisWomen theme is SHOWING UP: a celebration of empowerment, diversity and embracing the knowledge and power women share every day with the community, their profession and their family…. Continue reading.

In the News: TEDxIndianapolisWomen Speaker Lineup Revealed

Indianapolis, IN (October 17, 2018) – We are thrilled to announce our speaker lineup for the first-ever TEDxIndianapolisWomen event on November 29, 2018, at The Center | The Heritage Group. TEDxIndianapolisWomen celebrates the theme of SHOWING UP; with an explosion of discovery and ingenuity, women are driving real and meaningful change around the globe. They’re… Continue reading.

In The News: TEDxIndianapolis Announces Inaugural TEDxIndianapolisWomen Event

Indianapolis, IN (September 27, 2018) – Mark those calendars with an “X” and take note to show up to Indianapolis’ inaugural TEDxIndianapolisWomen event on November 29, 2018 at The Center – The Heritage Group. TEDxIndianapolisWomen celebrates “Showing Up” featuring diverse individuals in business, technology, art, science, and humanities meeting challenges head on while empowering each other to… Continue reading.

The Bliss of Simplicity

To be alive is to be struck with sensory inputs, to have a thousand choices in each second, and to process these realities and possibilities as fast as our brains will go.  Complexity is our default, our modern modus operandi. But what if we paused, and pared down?  How refreshing might it be to draw… Continue reading.


Our friend John Thomas took extensive notes during the big day and offers up an awesome recap of the highlights.  Enjoy these key takeaways! Neelay Bhatt: “You had me at Hello…Hola…Bonjour!” Quotes: “This might be one small way to show we don’t just focus on human beings but on being humane.” “Imagine if all 7… Continue reading.

TEDxCity2.0: Dream me. Build me. Make me real.

On September 20, 2013, TEDx communities across the globe will host local events featuring the local innovators, organizers, stewards and builders of their cities. Taking place in Times Square, TEDCity2.0: Dream me. Build me. Make me real. is a day-long TED event for urban innovators, organizers, stewards and builders—with live speakers, global conversations and activities. Speakers will… Continue reading.

My Big Idea got a test run

By Jim Poyser I’m a lucky guy because I got to take my big idea — mixing the horror of climate change with a humorous approach — out for a test run at this year’s Indy Fringe. I accomplished some things I wanted to accomplish and was surprised by a couple of other things. One… Continue reading.

Mix it Up: The collisions are what will make this conference, and this city, great

By Tim Carter, the Director of Butler University’s Center for Urban Ecology I’m sure most of us have experienced an event where a room was pregnant with anticipation. Not the “we-just-found-out” pregnant, but the “get-ready-to-push” pregnant. Right before the band comes on stage, prior to the results of the big vote, in advance of the controversial… Continue reading.

Magic happens when you Mix it Up

By Jim Walker, TEDxIndianapolis Organizer Too often, we divide everything into disciplines and departments. We cluster, group, and sort (even ourselves) by what’s alike. And then, too often, we stay right there and miss out on opportunities to learn from each other. So here’s our idea for TEDxIndianapolis 2013. Let’s cross disciplines, toss out departments, ditch… Continue reading.

The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For: TEDxIndianapolis 2013 Tickets Are Here!

The wait is over: TEDxIndianapolis 2013 tickets are here! Just head over to Eventbrite to order your tickets for the big day. Prices are $75 with lunch included (from Duos or The Libertine), or $65 without lunch. TEDxIndianapolis 2013 is happening Tuesday, October 22 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Hilbert Circle Theatre in downtown… Continue reading.

TEDxIndianapolis: Full Speaker Slate Announced

The full speaker slate for TEDxIndianapolis on Oct. 22, 2013 has been announced! The 22 speakers include 11 national speakers and bring both local and international perspectives on innovation across disciplines. Davy Rothbart, author, creator of Found Magazine, and a frequent contributor to public radio’s This American Life, will serve as emcee for the day. Join us at the… Continue reading.

National speakers announced for TEDxIndianapolis

The full line-up of TEDxIndianapolis speakers was announced today. Here’s a glimpse at each national (and international) speaker and their BIG IDEA. Gary Benenson: Are You Smarter Than Your “Smart” Phone? New York, NY Gary Benenson is a professor of Mathematical Engineering at City College of New York. Prior to becoming an educator, he was an… Continue reading.

Just Announced: Six of the Speakers Mixing It Up on Oct. 22

The first six of 20+ speakers for TEDxIndianapolis were announced today. Combining views on literacy, hip-hop, healthcare, art and design, refugees, whimsy and technology in their Big Idea presentations, they will come to Monument Circle on October 22 from across the globe and across the street to provide both local and international perspective across disciplines. Speakers announced… Continue reading.