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Live Stream Information & Agenda

Live Stream Link: https://livestream.com/tedx/tedxindianapoliswomen   The Live Stream Agenda for the day is as follows: 9:30 – 11:30 am | Session 1 “The Power of X” Introductions Speaker: Molly Ford Speaker: Tapati Dutta Performance: Mariah Ivey Pre-recorded Video: James Vietech Speaker: Melissa Spitz 11:30 am – 12:45 pm | Lunch Suggested activities for Live Stream… Continue reading.

Tickets SOLD OUT for Inaugural Event

With two and a half weeks remaining until the inaugural TEDxIndianapolisWomen event, tickets are SOLD OUT. This year over 300 attendees will be SHOWING UP to see women presenters speak on topics celebrating empowerment, diversity and embracing the knowledge and power women share every day with the community, their profession and their family. Talks will be… Continue reading.

Tickets On Sale Now! Get them while they last.

Tickets are now available for TEDxIndianapolisWomen taking place on November 29, from 9am-4pm at The Center | The Heritage Group. Click here to purchase your tickets today! TEDxIndianapolisWomen theme is SHOWING UP: a celebration of empowerment, diversity and embracing the knowledge and power women share every day with the community, their profession and their family…. Continue reading.

In the News: TEDxIndianapolisWomen Speaker Lineup Revealed

Indianapolis, IN (October 17, 2018) – We are thrilled to announce our speaker lineup for the first-ever TEDxIndianapolisWomen event on November 29, 2018, at The Center | The Heritage Group. TEDxIndianapolisWomen celebrates the theme of SHOWING UP; with an explosion of discovery and ingenuity, women are driving real and meaningful change around the globe. They’re… Continue reading.

In The News: TEDxIndianapolis Announces Inaugural TEDxIndianapolisWomen Event

Indianapolis, IN (September 27, 2018) – Mark those calendars with an “X” and take note to show up to Indianapolis’ inaugural TEDxIndianapolisWomen event on November 29, 2018 at The Center – The Heritage Group. TEDxIndianapolisWomen celebrates “Showing Up” featuring diverse individuals in business, technology, art, science, and humanities meeting challenges head on while empowering each other to… Continue reading.

The Bliss of Simplicity

To be alive is to be struck with sensory inputs, to have a thousand choices in each second, and to process these realities and possibilities as fast as our brains will go.  Complexity is our default, our modern modus operandi. But what if we paused, and pared down?  How refreshing might it be to draw… Continue reading.


Our friend John Thomas took extensive notes during the big day and offers up an awesome recap of the highlights.  Enjoy these key takeaways! Neelay Bhatt: “You had me at Hello…Hola…Bonjour!” Quotes: “This might be one small way to show we don’t just focus on human beings but on being humane.” “Imagine if all 7… Continue reading.

TEDxIndy seeks designated tweeter…er…Twitter-er??

The valiant organizers of TEDx Indianapolis are in search of someone willing and excited to be glued to his/her smart phone all day. What you get:  The enlightenment and interaction that comes with attending TEDx Indianapolis for FREE!  (Delicious lunch from Duos too!) What we get:  An active and well-followed designee who will Tweet to… Continue reading.

TEDx Marks the Spot!

Today marks the launch of our first ever TEDxIndianapolis scavenger hunt! We have posted five red Xs throughout Indianapolis. These Xs are the key to winning two free tickets to TEDxIndianapolis on October 21st — a $140 value! Post a photo of each X with #TEDxINDY and the location to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to win. You… Continue reading.

TEDxIndianapolis and the IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute Team Up for Free Ticket Giveaways

TEDxIndianapolis and the IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute have teamed up for a free ticket giveaway for two inspiring and entertaining events during the month of October. Just tweet or retweet this announcement between September 3 and September 8 with the hashtag #IAHITEDx, and you will be entered into our drawing to win a ticket… Continue reading.

No Time Like The Present — Get IN

July’s almost over. Why should you care? Because on Friday, August 1, TEDxIndianapolis holds its Get IN Speaker Announcement / Ticket Launch. Time to get it in gear. Register here for this free event-before-the-event, where you’ll find out which 18 speakers will be featured at TEDxIndianapolis 2014: Get Outside IN. And it’s important to mention… Continue reading.

Make Yourself (A Little) Uncomfortable

When it comes to this year’s TEDxIndianapolis, your satisfaction is not guaranteed. That’s right. Your eyes are not deceiving you. The fact is, despite the most thoughtful intentions of the event committee, you will not agree with everything that you hear at this year’s TEDxIndianapolis. And that’s by design. If every participant turns out to… Continue reading.

Want to Be a Speaker at TEDxIndianapolis 2014? Here’s How.

To make a real difference, you’ve got to keep moving forward. Break down barriers. Forget about routine. You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with all the possibilities. That’s how the world’s greatest innovators think—and that’s how real progress is made. At TEDxIndianapolis, we’re constantly seeking out fresh perspectives, radical thinking,… Continue reading.