The Bliss of Simplicity

To be alive is to be struck with sensory inputs, to have a thousand choices in each second, and to process these realities and possibilities as fast as our brains will go.  Complexity is our default, our modern modus operandi.

But what if we paused, and pared down?  How refreshing might it be to draw the leanest lines, to find the cleanest path?  That’s our aim for your experience at TEDxIndianapolis 2015.

Our planning team, led by TEDxIndianapolis organizer and Big Car Executive Director Jim Walker, and including Indiana Humanities, The Heritage Group, Pivot Marketing, and our 2015 venue, the University of Indianapolis, has been busy all winter gathering elegant voices from the fields of design, education, music, marketing, urban planning, technology, food, and advocacy.

In June, you’ll find out what local and national speakers will speak to the theme “Keep It Simple” at TEDxIndianapolis on Tuesday, October 20, 2015.  The theme will echo throughout the design of the event, the graphic design, and the internal planning process.  As an attendee, you’ll walk away with a fresh, innovative set of Big Ideas.

Jot your thoughts on the theme at the TEDxIndianapolis Facebook or Twitter feeds.  Is simplicity a luxury? Is it sacred? Have a favorite blog or article on the subject?  Share it, and we’ll see you October 20.

–Anne Laker, Big Car
TEDxIndianapolis 2015 Planning Team


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