Make Yourself (A Little) Uncomfortable

When it comes to this year’s TEDxIndianapolis, your satisfaction is not guaranteed.

That’s right. Your eyes are not deceiving you. The fact is, despite the most thoughtful intentions of the event committee, you will not agree with everything that you hear at this year’s TEDxIndianapolis. And that’s by design. If every participant turns out to be perfectly happy with every Idea that is shared, it will mean we haven’t dug deeply enough to discover perspectives that lie outside our comfort zones.

We guarantee that is not going to happen. Or it won’t, if we get your help.

Turning viewpoints inside out – that’s the goal of this year’s theme, Get Outside IN. We want your assumptions to be challenged and your preconceptions to be turned upside down. We’re hoping to broaden your horizons and to connect you to experiences you have yet to imagine.

That’s why we’re inviting you future TEDxIND attendees, even you wannabe attendees, to take a part in the Big Idea review process. Over 90 Big Ideas have been submitted by local presenters with topics covering pop culture, healthcare, technology, spoken word, philanthropy, and everything in between. There are Ideas developed out of personal situations and others looking to be possibilities. We’d like your help in identifying the topics and themes that are of the greatest interest to our Indy community.

So come to our Outside IN Idea Review, this Friday, June 6, at Well Done Marketing in Fountain Square. Browse every submission, and vote for your top 5. Then let us do the careful work of turning that list of top vote-getters into the Big Event, fitting all those Ideas and performances into one finely-tuned, unforgettable day. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied.

Well, not completely satisfied. Satisfyingly unsatisfied. You wouldn’t want it any other way.


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