TEDxCity2.0: Dream me. Build me. Make me real.

On September 20, 2013, TEDx communities across the globe will host local events featuring the local innovators, organizers, stewards and builders of their cities. Taking place in Times Square, TEDCity2.0: Dream me. Build me. Make me real. is a day-long TED event for urban innovators, organizers, stewards and builders—with live speakers, global conversations and activities. Speakers will focus on how bright ideas turn into collective impact—through talks, breakout sessions and satellite events globally.

One session of TEDCity2.0 talks will be livestreamed to our Indianapolis event, followed by three local speakers. Enjoy libations and snacks from great local food purveyors.

September 20, 2013
4pm to 7pm
WFYI Community Room
FREE Event

TEDxCity2.0 is presented by Indiana Humanities, Big Car, WFYI, and Well Done Marketing. This evening event is a great warm up for TEDxIndianapolis on Oct. 22—get your tickets today.

Livestreamed TEDCity2.0 speakers are:

  • Transportation evangelist Enrique Peñalosa turned Bogota into an international model for pedestrian life.
  • Photographer Iwan Baan captures life in informal communities, including the world’s most notorious vertical slum.
  • Impact designer Alan Ricks believes the global south has something to teach the global north about beauty.
  • Burkina Faso architect Diébédo Francis Kéré creates elegance using local crafts and materials.
  • Writer Joshunda Sanders, who’s remapping the mental urban landscape with memoir.

Local TEDxCity2.0 speakers are: 

Bryan Stumpf
11th Street Development
What if we design cities as if people mattered most?  Major shifts in demographics and personal preferences are changing how people live, work, and play.  Too often the designs of our cities focus on individual buildings.  Mixed use developments are changing the game.  Breaking through traditional zoning rules, such developments are blending land uses to create more livable communities.  By focusing on the desires of people, mixed use developments provide new lifestyle choices, increase neighborhood value, improve revenues to cities, foster a sense of place, and are better to the environment.

JD Schuyler
In 2010 we started an online video project called Craftedspoon. Our vision was to create high quality video content that represented the growing local food movement in Indianapolis and to reflect the movement in a positive light while addressing issues related to nutrition, our environment, and the overall quality of life. After three years, Craftedspoon has over 20 videos with more than 20K views. Beyond being used an educational tool, the videos also promote entrepreneurs as they start new businesses. The local food movement is integral to our city’s growth and quality of life. 

Jarrod Dortch
Big Car
It is true that we all have different frames of reference and it is also true that this difference often stems from the differences between the communities in which we live. What if we were able to use traditional as well as new forms of communication and media to link our communities and shine a light on those things which we share, while also welcoming each other to embrace those differences? What if we could use communication to bridge the divide between one neighborhood to another and create a true citywide community? Too difficult, too big of a goal? All the tools that we need are available and are already used by many, it is just up to us to be motivated enough to utilize them.


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