My Big Idea got a test run

By Jim Poyser

I’m a lucky guy because I got to take my big idea — mixing the horror of climate change with a humorous approach — out for a test run at this year’s Indy Fringe.

I accomplished some things I wanted to accomplish and was surprised by a couple of other things. One thing I planned to accomplish with the six performances of my show, Saving the World Thru Bumper Stickers, was to get the subject of climate change a seat at the table. Too often, this most important-of-subjects gets overlooked, so I was glad there was something about the Big Problem at the Indy Fringe.

What I didn’t expect was that I would end up bringing people from the audience on stage — or that I would have so much fun turning the show from a slideshow into something interactive, improvisational and, at times, a bit chaotic. I also didn’t expect that one suggestion from an audience member would result in another Big Idea, a monthly quiz show at the Indy Fringe building called “The It’s Not Too Late Show,” starting in September.

I write this blog at a juncture of leaving my job of 17 years and starting another. My heart is broken wide open during this process, and when you add the Fringe show and the marriage of my daughter, I can say my Big Idea presentation for TEDx will contain elements I can not at this point predict.

I do know that this TEDx opportunity — and getting to know the other participants and their Big Ideas — is inspiring me to think deeply about what I am doing — and why.

Mixing it up inevitably results in surprises. And surprises make the world go round.

Jim recently left his longtime Managing Editor position at NUVO and Editor position at Indiana Living Green, to pursue eco-activism on a full time basis. In September, he was named Executive Director of Earth Charter Indiana. Jim’s talk for TEDxIndianapolis is called D’earth! Our Climate Crisis in Poyspective.


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