Magic happens when you Mix it Up

By Jim Walker, TEDxIndianapolis Organizer

Too often, we divide everything into disciplines and departments. We cluster, group, and sort (even ourselves) by what’s alike. And then, too often, we stay right there and miss out on opportunities to learn from each other. So here’s our idea for TEDxIndianapolis 2013. Let’s cross disciplines, toss out departments, ditch barriers. Let’s explore new ideas, go to new places, work and learn together in new ways. Let’s Mix it Up.

It’s all about collaboration and spontaneity. It’s all about the alchemy of chance and accident. When you are too intentional, too set in doing it one way, things fall flat. Magic happens when you Mix it Up. You see this in everything from art to ice cream.

We found this year’s theme by mixing it up, by brainstorming with the TEDxIndianapolis steering committee — a group of more than 50 of the city’s smartest and creative people. We sat around a big table and talked about what we all wanted to accomplish with this year’s conference, what our city really needed. Somebody mentioned mixing it up. We all knew, right then, that was our theme.

But we’re going to take this notion of mixing it up beyond an idea, beyond a theme, beyond a conference. TEDxIndianapolis 2013 will serve as a way to connect people, to spark collaborations, to encourage the kind of vibrant collisions that help make our city great.

Want to Mix it Up with us? Get your tickets here.


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