Just Announced: Six of the Speakers Mixing It Up on Oct. 22

The first six of 20+ speakers for TEDxIndianapolis were announced today. Combining views on literacy, hip-hop, healthcare, art and design, refugees, whimsy and technology in their Big Idea presentations, they will come to Monument Circle on October 22 from across the globe and across the street to provide both local and international perspective across disciplines.

Speakers announced today include:

John C. Havens, New York, NY; founder of H(app)athon Project and contributor to Mashable
Big Idea: Shift the Impact of Modern Technology

There are four technologies transforming our culture and business faster than we can catch up. We have two choices in the wake of this information explosion; struggle and become lost trying to identify every piece of data and tech platform coming our way, or, pause and reflect. It is time to regain control.

Steven M. Johnson, Carmichael, Calif.; inventor, cartoonist, author
Big Idea: Mental Mixers for Imagining Future Product and Scenarios
Inventor/cartoonist Steven M. Johnson, born in 1938, has created a “line” of alternative products and systems, including cars with closets and chaise lounge lawn mowers. His talk centers on his creative technique of “thought-spinning”, a process of speeding up normal perception of everyday visible things.  This mental mixer has resulted in a lifetime of unplanned forays into imagining the future.

Florian Rivière, Nowhere; urban hacker
Big Idea: Open Your World

Inspired by hacker and do-it-yourself culture, Florian reinvents and diverts public space to allow citizens to reclaim their urban environment. He says it is time to reclaim our senses and our imagination to create a world beyond definitions and predefined paths conditioned by our education. Shaping our world, our surroundings is a means to repossess our autonomy and freedom to create our own lives.

Tasha Jones, Indianapolis, Ind., and Atlanta, Ga.; poet,  educator and founder of the Hello BEautiful Movement
Big Idea: Poetically Remixing Classic Literature
When the DJ mixes two genres of music, an altogether new sound is created. How does one recognize the old while creating the new? Because life redirected my path, the classroom became a mixing board. And like a DJ, learning the modality of today’s student totally transformed the classroom(s). Students who were resistant to reading and/or totally unattached to classic literature transitioned into students that read classic novels and aspired not only graduation but secondary education.

Chad Priest, Indianapolis, Ind.; Air Force veteran and CEO of the MESH Coalition
Big Idea: Transdisciplinary Design, Creative Health

Chad has served as a military nurse, a healthcare lawyer, a university faculty member and most recently as the CEO of a non-profit crisis management organization.  Through these experiences he has learned that creating health requires mixing up professions and interactions. This kind of transdisciplinary thinking often results in significant breakthroughs.

Kristin Wright, Indianapolis, Ind.; journalist
Big Idea: The Power of Welcome

When people of different cultures are welcomed and encouraged to contribute ideas, perspective and artistic vision, the result is an infusion of innovation. As a city, our greatest asset – and the need for our most tremendous investment – are the people our city welcomes. How can we welcome refugees, courageous people from diverse backgrounds, in a way that supports and celebrates cultural contribution?

Tickets for TEDxIndianapolis will go on sale at 5:30 p.m. on August 15.

Discounted pre-sale tickets to TEDxIndianapolis are available only at Mix for Tix on Thursday, August 15, 5:30 – 8 p.m., at Well Done Marketing located at 1043 Virginia Ave. in Fountain Square. The Mix for Tix event, sponsored by Lumina Foundation, is free and open to the public but limited to the first 300. RSVP through Eventbrite here.

The complete speaker line-up will be announced at the Mix for Tix. Local speakers will attend the event and will be available to offer a sneak peak at the Big Ideas they’ll share at TEDxIndianapolis.


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